Multiple Teams · LHS Spring Sports – REGISTER NOW!

Time is running out!  Any Lorain High students that are interested in participating in track, baseball and softball should act NOW!   TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

How do I get information on Lorain High baseball, softball or track?  Students interested in participating in a Spring sport should register in Final Forms. Once registered, coaches will reach out to you with information.  For more information on how to register please go to the following link

How do I contact the coach with questions?  Athletes and parents can contact coaches by emailing them at:

What all do I need to do before I can start participating?  All athletes must complete the following before they can play a sport at Lorain High:

To be able to start testing, parents/guardians must complete the following Covid Consent Forms.  These can be printed out or picked up in the athletic department office.  Athletes will bring these with them when they test for the first time.

What if I am academically ineligible?  Any athlete that is currently academically ineligible cannot participate in any Spring contests.  Athletes may however train with the team if in fact the coach allows them to do so.  An athlete’s eligibility status may however change the week of March 15 when quarter 3 grades are finalized.