Multiple Teams · Online Spring Sports Parent Meeting

Due to these extenuating circumstances, the Lorain High athletic department has opted to do an online Spring Sports Parent Meeting.  This is due to the fact that the Spring preseason has pretty much been eliminated.  The athletic department will however be available to meet individually with any parents that have questions or concerns.

Spring Sports Parent Information Guide 2020

Parent Meeting – Below you will find important information that will benefit both parents and athletes.  For additional information, feel free to view the slideshow created by the Ohio High School Athletic Association by clicking on the following link –


  1. Students Attending Games – Lorain High students, and students from the visiting team, must show their Student ID to be admitted into any LHS athletic events unless they are accompanied by an adult. Students from neighboring schools that are not competing that day MUST be accompanied by an adult.  All middle school age students and younger must be accompanied by an adult.  Many opponents have instituted these same rules so students should make sure to always have their Student ID when attending away games.
  2. Athletic Trainer –Tracye Menges has served as the athletic trainer for Lorain City Schools since 2004. She received her Masters degree from the United States Sports Academy (Daphne, AL) and Bachelors degree from LaGrange College (LaGrange, GA.). Tracye works closely with staff, coaches and student-athletes throughout the year providing care and treatment of athletic injuries as well as educational and conditioning/rehabilitative programs. Tracye is an incredible asset that is available to our athletes and parents after school daily.
  3. Schedules – All high school game schedules can be found on Middle school schedules will be distributed to athletes by their coaches.  Coaches will provide a schedule that includes all bus departure times, but please keep in mind that the schedules for the sports of baseball and softball are constantly changing due to weather.  With that in mind, athletes should be prepared to play a game, home or away, every day.
  4. Equipment & Apparel – Athletes in every sport are issued equipment and/or apparel. The amount can vary drastically from sport to sport.  It is the expectations of the athletic department that all equipment and apparel be returned in the same condition that it was in when it was issued (outside of the normal “wear and tear” that occurs with that respective sport). The following should be adhered to regarding equipment and apparel if in fact any of these items are issued to your son/daughter:
    1. Uniforms – All uniforms should be washed in cold water and hung to dry. No uniforms should ever be placed in a dryer unless the coach or athletic director advises otherwise.  Uniforms should NEVER be ironed.  This can create permanent damage.  Uniforms should only be worn during games unless a coach advises otherwise.
    2. Travel bags – athletes should remove all equipment, supplies, apparel, etc. as soon as they get home and let their bag air dry. Bags should be cleaned on a semi-regular basis.  Depending on the bag, they may be washed or just wiped down.  Coaches will provide care instructions at the time that a bag is issued.
    3. Practice gear – these items should be washed after every use. They should be washed in cold water and can be put in a dryer unless the coach or athletic director advises otherwise.
  1. Securing Equipment, Apparel and Valuables – It is imperative that all athletes purchase 1-2 pad locks. One pad lock will be used at the school or stadium so that he/she can secure all equipment, apparel and valuables during practices, games and when select items can be left behind in the school locker room when traveling.  The 2nd lock is needed for sports that utilize a locker room when traveling.  If there is no locker room, or lockers, available then these items should be stored in/around the area in which competition will take place.  Please keep in mind that coaches are not responsible for the care or supervision of any athletes’ belongings.
  2. Playing Time – there is no guarantee as to how much, if any at all, playing time your son/daughter will receive. Playing time is determined based on a variety of factors.  Please encourage your son/daughter to work hard, listen to the coaching staff, stay positive and be a good teammate regardless of his/her role on the team or how much playing time he/she receives.  All coaches have been directed not to discuss playing time with parents.  If your son/daughter has any questions regarding his/her role on the team then he/she should have a private conversation with the coach.
  3. Academic Intervention – Lorain City Schools abides by all policies outlined in the OHSAA bylaws pertaining to athletic eligibility. This includes, but is not limited to, academic eligibility.  Scholars that are eligible to participate, but have not met certain academic or behavioral standards set by the coaching staff, building principal and/or athletic department may be required to participate in an academic and/or behavioral intervention plan.  Each plan will be tailored to the needs of that specific scholar.
  4. Early College Students – Students that are a part of the Early College program at Lorain Community College may, or may not, periodically be impacted by policies that conflict with athletics. All EC students should make sure to communicate with coaches regarding these conflicts such as after-school tutoring, events that conflict with games and/or practices, etc.  Coaches will work with these athletes unless the conflicts becomes a regular occurrence that negatively impacts the team.  Parents should contact the Athletic Department if they have any questions or concerns.
  5. Young Scholars Program – Those athletes that are a part of the Young Scholars Program are required to participate in mandatory workshops and events. These workshops and events are scheduled well in advance.  It is imperative that athletes cross-reference schedules and let their coaches know if/when there is a conflict.  This should be done at the beginning of the season so that the coach can prepare accordingly especially if the conflict is on the day of a game.
  6. Final Forms – As many of you know, the amount of paperwork that athletes, and their parents, are required to complete has become overwhelming. With that in mind, the Lorain City Schools Athletic Department has partnered with Final Forms, an online forms and data management service. Final Forms allows the parents and athletes to complete and sign athletic participation forms online. The most exciting news is that Final Forms saves data from season-to-season and year-to-year which means you will never need to enter the same information twice! Final Forms also prepopulates information wherever possible saving you valuable time.  Final Forms is only used at high school level, but parents of middle school athletes should create an account starting July 1 of the conclusion of their son/daughters 8th grade year.

If you already have an account then that’s all that you need to do is review the information to make sure that there are no changes that need to be made and electronically sign each document.  This only needs to be done once per school year. These forms will then carry over from sport to sport if your child is a multi-sport athlete.

You can register by going to and electronically complete all forms. If you need any support during the process, scroll to the page bottom and click “Use Support”.  You may also contact the Athletic Department if you need further assistance – 440-830-4008.  This information will need to be completed prior to the start of the season.

  1. LCS Athletic Policies & Student Conduct
    1. Student-Athlete Contract – This contract can be found as a part of FinalForms and details expectation levels that are set for all student-athletes. Middle school athletes will be given an informational packet sometime during the first week of the season that will include this information.
    2. LCS Athletic Handbook – Please visit to view the handbook. This handbook details LCS policies and procedures relative to athletics.
  2. End of Year Banquets – Each individual sport determines the location of their banquet along with whether or not they want to serve food and have awards. Much is dependent upon the money that the sport has available in their respective Booster Club account.  It is recommended that the parents of the rising seniors come together shortly after the conclusion of their child’s junior season to determine what they would like to see included as a part of the banquet and then meet with the coaching to determine the steps that need to be taken to accomplish this.  Some banquets have cost upwards of $5,000, but these were paid with funds that were raised during the off-season that were earmarked specifically for the banquet.


  1. Physical Exams – Each athlete must have an up-to-date physical exam on file with the Athletic Department for the entirety of their sports season starting the first day of tryouts. We encourage parents to have their child’s physical exam completed during the summer months prior to the start of each school year.  Physical exams are good for one calendar year.  Parents or physicians can download the physical form by going to
  2. Academic Eligibility – Lorain City Schools abides by all policies outlined in the OHSAA bylaws pertaining to athletic eligibility. All high school athletes must make sure that their counselor is aware that they are planning to participate in a sport.  All athletes MUST be enrolled as a fulltime student, and if an athlete plans to have a late start or early release then he/she should confirm with his/her counselor that doing so won’t affect their eligibility.  Parents are welcome to view the following for a very detailed explanation as to how eligibility works:
    1. OHSAA Eligibility Guidance Video
    2. OHSAA Academic Eligibility Guide
  3. Social Media – All athletes should be must be responsible in using social media. They should not post, send, transmit, or share inappropriate messages, videos, or pictures via social media.  They must take full responsibility for their online profile, posts and any photos, videos or other recordings posted by others in which they appear.  Athletes should also never degrade their opponents before, during, or after games while ignoring any negative comments made by others.  Parents should closely monitor their child’s social media platforms in an effort to make sure their child is using it to build a positive brand.
  4. OHSAA Bylaw/Regulations – The following are a host of video tutorials and packets that can help parents better understand select OHSAA bylaws:
    1. Residency Bylaw Guidance
    2. Determining a Transfer Student/Transfer Consequence
    3. High School Eligibility Guide –
  1. Multi-sport athlete – We strongly encourage all student-athletes to play multiple sports. There are numerous myths regarding athletes that specialize in 1 sport such as:
    1. Specializing in 1 sport will result in a better chance at a scholarship
    2. Focusing 100% of your time on one sport will result is passing up those around you

This could not be further from the truth.  Statistics have shown that the vast majority of athletes that go on to get a scholarship play multiple sports.

Athletes that choose to participate in multiple sports, extracurricular activities, clubs, etc. within the same sports season must first have this cleared by the head coach prior to the start of the season.  This is to determine to what degree practices and/or games will be affected.  If cleared, if/when conflicts occur that result in the athlete missing mandatory team practices, games, meetings, etc. it could ultimately affect the player’s role as a member of the team.

  1. Fan Conduct at Games – Throughout the years, Lorain High fans have been PHENOMENAL in how well they represent the school and entire community.  We do however have a few unfortunate situations each year.  We have always asked that fans do their very best to always try to stay positive regardless of the situation.  Student-athletes feed off the crowd.  Venting by yelling at a referee, players, the coach, etc. does nothing positive to help the athletes that are participating.
  2. Practices – All practices at all levels are closed to the public.  We have always believed that the playing field, court, track, bowling alley, etc. are to be treated no different than the classroom.  That means eliminating as many distractions as possible in an effort to create an environment conducive to learning.

General Athletics Information

  1. Lorain High Sports Booster Club – The athletic department highly recommends that parents discuss with their coach how they can get involved with the Booster Club.  Much of the equipment, apparel and supplies that are provided to teams are from funds raised by the coaches and/or parents through the Booster Club.  This includes everything that is provided as a part of the postseason banquet.  Booster Club membership forms can be found by downloading
  2. Athletics Website – You can access the athletic department website by going to Here you will find schedules, articles and other valuable information. We also recommend that you check out the “Parents Tab” where you can access student-athlete paperwork and other important information.
  3. The criteria for a student-athlete to earn a varsity letter is as follows:


Sport Lettering Criteria
Volleyball Participate in 12 sets (equivalent of 4 full matches)
Football Participate in 12 quarters (equivalent of 3 full games)
Soccer Participate in 8 halves (equivalent of 4 full games)
Golf Participate in 4 matches
Cross Country Each athlete must PR 3 times (this includes the first meet which is the baseline)
Fall Cheerleading Participate in 4 games
Winter Cheerleading Participate in 6 games
Basketball Participate in 12 quarters (equivalent of 3 full games)
Wrestling Participate in 5 matches
Bowling Participate in 6 matches
Track Participate in 4 meets
Baseball Participate in 5 games
Softball Participate in 5 games


Please keep in mind that all letter winners must finish the season in good standing.    

  1. Collegiate Athletics – Below is a yearly checklist that details what student-athletes need to do to prepare for the possibility of furthering their athletic career at the college level.  Please keep in mind that high school coaches do not have the ability to get athletes scholarships.  They can however assist parents with the process to be able to get recognized, but following the yearly steps highlighted below is an important part of the process.

College Recruiting Checklist


  • Verify with your high school guidance counselor and the online core-course listing to make sure you are on track.
  • Make two unofficial college visits. Try to attend an athletic event.
  • Set goals academically to maintain an absolute minimum of a 3.0 in all core classes.
  • Develop an off-season training regime based on the sports that you play. Realize the importance of resistance training and conditioning.
  • Attend a camp(s) or off-season program to display ability.


  • Verify with your high school guidance counselor and the online core-course listing to make sure you are on track.
  • Complete a bio sheet/resume prior to the season starting.
  • Take four unofficial college visits.
  • Realize the importance of resistance training and conditioning.
  • Write down goals for sophomore year and high school career.
  • Begin filling out online recruiting surveys/questionnaires for all colleges that you are interested in.
  • Attend a camp(s) or off-season program to display ability.


  • Check with the athletic director to see if you should register with the eligibility center.
  • Make sure you are still on track to meet core-course requirements (verify you have the correct number of core courses and that the core courses are on your high school’s 48-H with the eligibility center).
  • After your junior year, have your high school guidance counselor send a copy of your transcript. If you have attended any other high schools, make sure a transcript is sent to the eligibility center from each high school.
  • Take the ACT at least twice prior to your senior year. When taking the ACT, request test scores to be sent to the eligibility center.  Note that some schools require students take both the ACT and SAT.
  • Continue sending out marketing packets.
  • Take four unofficial college visits.
  • Throughout your junior year, send out marketing packets which may include Bio Sheet, Transcript, Highlight Tapes, Stat Sheet, and any press articles.
  • Inform your coach about colleges that have contacted you.
  • Return all questionnaires received from colleges.
  • Continue filling out surveys/questionnaires online for colleges that you are interested in.
  • Add speed and agility drills to resistance training and conditioning.
  • Attend a camp(s) or off-season program to display ability.


  • Write down goals for senior year.
  • Do not slack off resistance training and agility workout.
  • Take the ACT at least one more time preferable at the beginning of the school year. When taking the ACT or SAT, request test scores to be sent to the eligibility center.
  • Apply to all colleges that you may be interested in.
  • Have your high school guidance counselor send a final transcript with proof of graduation to the eligibility center.
  • If not receiving official college visit information take additional unofficial visits. Some colleges just don’t have the funds to offer official visits.
  • Athletes not being recruited by NCAA schools still have options.
    • Division III, NAIA, and Junior Colleges all have financial assistance.
    • Pursue the possibility for academic aid or even walk-on.
    • Be aware of all options.

Please contact Athletic Director Bryan Koury at if you have any questions.