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Multiple Teams · Longfellow 8th grade football defeats GJW

Longfellow Middle School 8th grade football team defeated General Johnnie Wilson Middle School 24-22.  It was an intense game that included multiple scores by both teams in the final minutes.  Longfellow was led by Jeff Wardlow who ran for 2 scores to go along with a passing touchdown.  Jaevon Manning also rushed for a score and had a receiving touchdown for the go ahead score.  Longfellow was led defensively by Jeff Wardlow, Jaevon Manning, Jonathon McDowell, Esteban Massari, Jesse Robles, Carlos Brown, Gary Kimbrough, Devin Osboune, Daurel Noble,  Xavier Smith, and Jacob Addis.  Both teams left it all out on the field as they played until the last second of the 4th quarter.